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941 W. Lawrence Avenue

P.O. Box 408319, Chicago, IL  60640-8319

Telephone:  773.784.6633        Fax:  773.784.6760

Email:  admin@PrestonBradley.org





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Building mattersissues related to building use. 


Problem Reports

Please report any problems you encounter with your space using the Problem Report form at left to inform maintenance, so that we may track them and get them taken care of as quickly as possible.  Send filled-out reports to building@prestonbradley.org.

If you note incidents of vandalism or have to ask a person to leave the building or any other unusual incident not involving the physical plant, please fill out an "Incident Report Form" and send it to building@prestonbradley.org.


1. Download the attached form and File>SAVE AS

2. Save it with a name in the following format: yyyymmdd_problem, where problem is the general category ie electrical, plumbing, etc.  

3. Close the file without typing anything - your data will not be saved.

4. Reopen it, and then fill it out as you normally would.  

5. Close it, and attach the saved form to an email and send it to building@prestonbradley.org and it will be taken care of from there.


Tenants’ Users Guide


The Preston Bradley Center at 941 W. Lawrence Avenue, owned by the Peoples Church of Chicago, was built in 1926 by Dr. Preston Bradley and the congregation as a liberal church that welcomes all people.  Since the 1980s, the church has shared this large building with a number of nonprofit organizations, from theaters to homeless shelters to other churches and arts organizations.


The Preston Bradley Center, NFP, was incorporated in Illinois in 1987 by Peoples Church as its 501(c)(3) arm.  Its mission is “to ensure the well-being of this historic building, to provide refuge and service to the poor, and to be a resource to the community in Uptown.”


For PBC to effectively manage the physical plant, and for all the space-sharing organizations to live together in harmony, we have developed the policies described in this booklet.


Please help us, and one another, by following these guidelines.


Thank you!


Preston Bradley Center Board of Directors

William Boulware, President

July, 2012

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Space Use

To arrange space rental, contact the office at 773-784-6633.  


Rent is due on the first of each month, payable to Preston Bradley Center.  On-time payments ensure continued availability of services, such as garbage pickup, toilet paper, electricity, heat, etc.  


No illegal activities are permitted on the premises.  Alcohol may only be served with appropriate licenses from the City of Chicago. 


Keep your space clean and in good order, as space is shared with others.  Furniture and other equipment in shared space should be returned to its original location when you leave.  


Restrooms are located on the fourth floor.  Notify the office or maintenance if anything needs attention (paper towels, toilet paper, clogs, etc.).  


FOR SERIOUS BUILDING ISSUES after hours (flood, power outage, etc.) call the building engineer, Ken Otto (773.339.1011).  If it is not an emergency, please fill out the PBC Problem Report Form.

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For groups with repeat events, one key to the doors will be issued.  For regular building users, a code at the front door call box can be arranged to allow entry. 


Keys are issued for the doors you need access to, including the West outside door, the 4th floor lobby door, and other doors, as needed.


A deposit is required for each key – $15 for the outside key, and $5 each for additional key.   If lost, you will be charged an additional deposit for new keys.


Key deposits will be returned when keys are turned in.

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Kitchen Use

The kitchen is used by the 2 Li’l Fishes program for its lunch service every day but Wednesday, and by North Side Housing for breakfast and dinner for its clients.


If you would like to use the kitchen to prepare food, your use must be coordinated with both of those groups, to ensure that your work does not conflict with their needs:


Contact the PBC office (773.784.6633) to arrange for kitchen use.  We will help you coordinate with both of those groups to prevent conflicts.


Isaac Barrantine (773.213.6865) is the Program Coordinator for 2 Li’l Fishes.


Each use of the kitchen is $100.  


If food prepared in this kitchen is to be served to the public, it needs to be prepared under the supervision of city and state licensed cooks.  You may hire one of the 2 Li’l Fishes licensed cooks to oversee kitchen preparations – contact Isaac (773.213.6865) about this employment. 

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Aside from some assigned parking places, use of the parking lot to the east of the building is first-come, first-served.


DO NOT block other cars in.  If there isn’t room in the lot, find street parking.


For evening or weekend events it may be possible to have access to a lot nearby,  


A parking fee discount can be arranged at the Weiss Hospital ramp across from the hospital on Clarendon by phoning Weiss Hospital and asking for "parking.There is also paid public parking west of the el on the north side of Lawrence.


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Garbage & Recycling

Tenants must take care of their own garbage.  To discourage pests, please remove all food garbage from your area immediately.


This building practices recycling, and you are encouraged to do so as well.  DO NOT put garbage in the recycling dumpster.  Recycling items include clean paper, glass and cans.  Please rinse food containers before recycling.


Two dumpsters are in the rear of the parking lot – put only recycling items (paper, cardboard, bottles and cans) in the dumpster to the east, which is marked for recyclables.  Everything else – regular garbage – goes in the dumpster nearer the building.


The dumpsters are emptied on Monday, Thursday (recycling) and Friday. DO NOT park in such a way that the trucks cannot access the dumpsters.


Please help us do our part for the environment!

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Take seriously issues of security.  It is helpful that there are people present throughout the building.  North Side Housing staffs lower-level Anderson Hall 24 hours a day.  Joseph Bures is usually present in the Auditorium until about 9pm.


Smoking is not allowed in the building.   Burning of candles, incense, or other materials allowed only as arranged with management, and never without supervision.   


Do not prop outside doors open.  Besides security issues, consider costs of heating the building.  Do not allow access to anyone not a member of your group.   For a public event, the outside door may be unlocked for ease of entrance.


The building closes at 12:00 midnight.  Except by previous arrangement, please vacate the building by that time.   When you close up, please check the West stairwell from the 5th floor to the basement, for security.  Check the restrooms, and make sure everyone is out before locking up.  Please lock all doors that you unlocked.  Thanks!  Security is all of our business.

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Contact Info

PBC Building numbers:


Building Engineer, Ken Otto ...................... 773.339.1011

Church Sexton/ Pianist, Joseph Bures ....... 773.732.5067

Church Office, .......................................... 773.784.6633

Church FAX.............................................. 773.784.6760

Uptown Arts Center Curator

        Colette Wright Adams.........................

2 Li’l Fishes Pgm Coord., Isaac Barrantine... 773.213.6865


PBC Space-sharing Partners:


Christ Pentecostal International Church – 5th floor

         Rev. Seth Dolley............................... 773.403.1689

Lakeside Pride Symphonic Band


Missio Dei Uptown ....................................

North Side Housing – on-location supervisor 

          Front desk....................................... 773.564.9093