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Building matters


The Preston Bradley Center, in keeping with the spirit of the progressive civic leader for whom it is named, is committed to diversity in all its forms, both on our board and in our programming, as promoting deeply democratic practices and enabling meaningful participation of often excluded groups.





About PBC

The Preston Bradley Center (PBC) operates to sustain this historic building by welcoming arts and social service agencies as space-sharing partners, and hosting events that benefit the community.  PBC is incorporated since 1987 as a nonprofit in Illinois.  As a federal 501(c)(3), PBC is registered with GuideStar.org, where our financial statements may be viewed.

The building is owned by the Peoples Church of Chicago, which has occupied it continuously since it was built in 1926.  Peoples Church contracts with PBC to manage and maintain the space.

PBC runs two major programs, the 2 Li'l Fishes free lunch program, which serves about 2,000 meals a month, and the Uptown Arts Center, with shared studio space for a dozen artists, and Gallery, where art shows and poetry readings are periodically hosted.

The main space-sharing partners include North Side Housing, which operates a men's transitional housing program in lower-level Anderson Hall;  Lakeside Pride Symphonic Band, which rehearses weekly and holds concerts a couple of times a year;  and two other churches:  Missio Dei Uptown on the fourth floor, and Christ Pentecostal International Church on the fifth floor.

PBC has hosted such disparate events as Mishkan Chicago synagogue High Holy Days;  a book tour by Gloria Steinem and Roxane Gaye which sold out at 1100 seats;  an education forum for teachers;  a Martin Luther King Day celebration by regional community groups;  and a youth symphony performance, among many others.

Please take a look at our Annual Reports for more details.  Or if you need assistance with anything concerning the building, see the building handbook.



Rev. Jean Darling, Interim Executive Director:

    Email:    ExecDir@PrestonBradley.org


Office:  773-784-6633, Fax:  773-784-6760

    Email:   admin@prestonbradley.org 



PBC Board:

Tomas Bissonnette

William Boulware, President

M. Susan Harlow

Angela Spinazze, Vice President

JoAnne (Joey) Sylvester

Virginia Tolk, Secretary

Michael J. Vidmar, Treasurer